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App Store Optimization

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APP STORE OPTIMIZATION (Google Play Store & iOS App Store)

Components that affect ASO

  • App Title
  • Description
  • Keyword Research
  • Maintaining proper App Category and type
  • Total count of downloads
  • Rating and Reviews

Things to be done for Content

Title – The keyword placed in the title should be the one with the heaviest search traffic. Spend time researching which keyword that is, because changing your title often to include different keywords can be detrimental. As your app begins to rank higher and gain more reviews, news of your app will begin to spread by word of mouth. Changing the title can make it difficult for word to spread about your app.

Description –Description is integral part of App Store Optimization (ASO). Closely observe the changes your competitor is making in their description and keywords they’re adding or removing from there.

1.Competitive Research

2. Ranking by Category and Region

3. Reviews and Ratings

4. Keywords